What is Harm Reduction Therapy?

Harm Reduction Therapy

Harm reduction is a deeply respectful approach to change that helps you identify your own goals with regard to challenging behaviors. I help you create an environment of curiosity and exploration to understand the role and purpose of a behavior, even if it sometimes causes more problems than it intends to solve. By running small experiments, I help you move toward a more ideal relationship with the behavior. This ultimately creates more freedom, meaning, and connection through improvements in quality of life and health.

My only agenda is to help you decide what you want your ideal relationship with a behavior or substance to look like and how to help you get closer to that ideal place. 

Behavior change is both incredibly simple and incredibly complex at the same time. 

Everything from the chemistry and biology of our brains to the reinforcing patterns of our environment create places of leverage and places of challenge.

Even when we have already decided something is "a bad idea" and we've made efforts to change, we often have difficulty sustaining change in ways that help us to feel and function our best. 

There's a lot of unhelpful legacy and baggage around alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, sex, shopping, and other kinds of potentially addictive behaviors. Stigma and shame become easily internalized, which make it harder to have authentic conversations with ourselves and others about why we do what we do.